Tuesday, October 6, 2009

HUEmor me: decorating with green

There's a lot of talk about green home products and green decorating.

This post, however, is about the color green -- an always fresh color that ranges from pale sage greens to vibrant, lime green.
Look around outside and you'll see every shade of green imaginable. The combination possibilities are unlimited and that's good because I'd hate to see you limit yourself!

The yellow green on the walls of this living room are balanced by the white wood work and furnishings and the beautiful wood floors and rug. Notice that they varied the value (lightness and darkness) of the green in the room by adding darker plants. The pops of orange keep the space interesting. Lovely! (Tuck the rug under the sofa and the room is complete.)

You don't have to paint your walls to bring color into your room. The lamp and accessories on this table are a great way to introduce a little bit of a color. Grouping the green items together provides a greater impact. Yellow, orange and brown pair nicely with the green.

This photo is from a spread from the June '09 issue of
Living magazine (it was also the cover image). It's been sitting on my desk for months just waiting for this green post! I pieced it together on the scanner, hence the seam down the middle. Why the love? The mix of greens against the wood paneled walls and white furnishings is striking. The green on the skateboard and the green view from outside complete the space. Notice the pillows on the sofa? Varying values of green! Large-scaled patterns on the pillows and a smaller-scale pattern on the rug help create a great mix all around—all without paint.

If this soft green kitchen doesn't make you want to cook, what would? The light hued cabinets, the herbs and plants and the green cafe curtains all bring peace and calm to this space. Green doesn't have to be bold to be inviting!

This bold, green bed frame is balanced nicely by the brown bed linens, lamp and rolled towels. The striped bench compliments the green and the bedding pattern. The soft green walls provide high contrast to the room, which adds visual interest. There are two things I would change in this room. I would hang larger art or more smaller art over the bed and add fabric window panels to the windows. These would complete this traditional room with a green twist!

Here's a room you won't soon forget! Like the room or not, the color values are right on and the pop of orange with the green and violet creates a lovely triad color combination. The walls and other details could use some finessing, but we'll focus on the color.

Are you seeing a pattern yet? Green with orange, brown and white/cream are popular with me! This room adds color through paint, but without painting the entire room. The paneling on the lower portion of the walls add architectural interest to the room. The varying wood textures are great and the art is a nice size. My only wish is that they painted the ceiling one shade lighter than the walls. A girl can dream, right?

A few of my favorite green color pairings
(aside from what's shown here)

Green & yellow * Light green & light blue * Green, white & black * Green & red (they are complimentary colors, keep the values similar and it'll look great) * Green & pink and brown

Ballard Designs' Devon lamp
Shiny, happy & green lamp with textured lamp shade

Are you green with envy? Don't be! Add some green to your rooms in a small way (a grouping of accessories, art or a lamp) or, in a big way (paint all walls & ceiling) and sit back and enjoy the view!

What are you favorite green pairings? Leave a comment. It'll make me happy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Builders Boring White to Homeowners Cozy and Bright

I just ran across some photos from when we purchased our house almost 5 years ago. First, I couldn't get over my first born. He was so little. He is now 6 and so much bigger, but still a cute little bugger. Second, I couldn't get over the cold and boring builders white! Can you say YAWN! Talk about boring with a capital B!

So, here is the room now after my transformation. It feels a lot more cozy and inviting, don't you think?

Happy Thursday,
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

your room's little black dress

Is it Sept. already? I ask because the last time I chatted with you it was mid-August, which seems like just yesterday. Since then (I know you're dying to know what I've been doing with my time!) I spent a wonderful long weekend at the beach with my best girl friends, sent my oldest daughter to kindergarten and completed a major landscaping project in our front yard.

I hope you didn't miss me too much.

I spent Labor Day weekend here in MD, covered in dirt while arranging flowers, shrubs and mulch. That's what happens when you decide to take on planting 106 living things in your front yard. When our "big dig" was complete, even though it has nothing to do with interior design (although it adds great curb appeal), the interior designer in me thought about how it all relates back to design and your rooms.

Bear with me here, there's a point!

(my yard's little black dress)

We covered our garden beds with beautiful black mulch (yes, I just said "beautiful" and "mulch" in the same sentence). As we were planting, various neighbors and family came by to check out the transformation. What most people commented on was the mulch, not the plants. Though not uncommon, this mulch is very sharp looking and as you know, adding mulch to a garden instantly perks it up. It looks new again.

The mulch is the garden's little black dress. That's right, surround it with pink flowers, blue bushes or white shrubs and the mulch shines and coordinates with the colors. The plants are the mulch's accessories!

Moving inside to your rooms (finally!) think about your large furnishings (sofa, bed, dining table, etc.) as your room's little black dress — keep them neutral and they will always "work" with your room's accessories (no matter how often you change the colors). Picture a brushed twill tan-colored sofa surrounded by various patterned pillows in reds, a throw in a rich plum shade and artwork hung above it with shades of red, plum and orange.

That same sofa then looks equally lovely with white and green accessories surrounding it. Toss in some blue and your little black dress just got a brand new look.

What color is your room's little black dress? And, how are you accessorizing it?

Click below and leave a comment...I'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Need Inspiration? Here is a great resource

I came across this amazing site on Twitter from . I just had to share. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I started surfing...holy inspiration! The picture above is from an interview with blogger . Such a great blog!

Check out this great inspirational resource: . Such creative talent. You can create your own ideabooks or just peruse the works of others. It is a great tool when trying to "create a picture" for clients.

I must apologize ahead of time, be prepared to be sucked in. I could spend hours on it!

Have fun surfing,


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Give it a spin

In my last entry, I shared a link with you on my site where you can discover the that is best for you. Now, I’d like to share with you a tool that helps you create a color scheme with the same kind of ease.

All you have to do is choose your main color and the remaining openings reveal the colors that complete you color scheme. These wheels do the work for you.

If you are unsure of how to marry colors, as many people are, I suggest you go to Michael's or AC Moore (craft stores) who carry both color wheels and give them a spin. I guarantee you will be the winner.

Keep you decor light and easy.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Curb Appeal

Summertime is the perfect time to use your green thumb for something other than the remote control. Even if you've never attempted gardening before - try it, you may like it. You'll receive compliments galore from family members and your neighbors.

I planted my first "garden" this spring. I decided to use plants with colorful leaves. And, you know, it worked nicely. Just be sure to watch how the sun hits your garden so you'll know what plants or flowers to purchase. You can even add variety with a lovely arranged planter of similar plants. Also, remember that it helps to have a color scheme in mind and by all means vary the heights and textures of the plants you choose. Strategically placed solar lights and attractive edging will complete your project.

The end result will be a beautiful flowerbed. And, as an added bonus, you will have increased the overall curb appeal of your home. Now, that's a win, win situation.

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Enjoy your space, Rena

Thursday, July 2, 2009

blue light special

Following my blog posting I started looking around for all things blue for the home. First up, lamps!

Since adding a color to your room doesn't always mean painting I thought I'd gather a few blue lamps for you to meet. Every room, no matter what color, needs light. These just happen to be bright and beautiful.

Looking to add lamps to one of you rooms? Select a coordinating pair, or select one bold choice and let is shine among other, more neutral choices. No matter what, start with function and make sure you are lighting up all of the spaces in your rooms.

(Pier 1, Blue Medallion, $64)

(Walmart, Glow Melon, $24)

(Horchow, Oscar, $183)

(Lamps Plus, Blue Fleur-de-lis drum shade, $70)

(Pottery Barn, Stuart Pharmacy, $119)

(JC Penny, Ceramic table lamp, $90)

(Lamps Plus, Phatt Steel Finish shade, $150)

(Pier 1, Aqua glass, $45)

(Crate & Barrel, Lago, $129)

(Lamps Plus, Biloxi Blues Block shade, $100)

Happy decorating!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thank you Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett!

Sad Day For This 70's Gal

WOW...I'm so saddened today. Two of my favorite Icons have passed away.

Farrah Fawcett had such an impact on us girls as we ALL wanted that hair. I don't think there was a teenage boy around who didn't have that poster either on their walls or ceiling for that matter.

Farrah instantly changed the way posters were looked at. From that moment forward posters were suddenly used as home decorating art. Why even boy's were paying attention to the idea of decorating their rooms.

My other was Michael Jackson. WOW could that guy dance! My mother and I often joked with family that if they ever questioned if we were unconscious to just play Billie Jean and if we didn't move they should rush us to the hospital!
He influenced the fashion world which inevitably influenced our home decor. Red Leather with Black accents was an instant sensation. Not to mention the reintroduction of sequins and glitter.

His home, Never Land, was even a star. He designed it from his favorite character Peter Pan. It was his escape from reality.
A really sad day for me. I can't believe that my two favorite "pop" influences from my teenage years are gone. I will be digging out my albums today and looking back with nostalgia and wonder.

These are definitely two icons who, through their love of their craft, impacted millions.
Rest in peace my dear friends and know that you will live forever, at least in this 48 year old's mind.

From my heavy heart,
DesAnn Collins
Design By DesAnn/One-Day Decorating of Ohio

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Save a life & win a chance to redecorate your home

Did you know that your decorating "challenged" rooms can now help save the lives of animals? Really. Rooms for Rover is a photo contest to benefit the MD SPCA (every dollar made will go directly to them).

Here's how it works.
1. Take a picture of a room in your home that is challenging you in some way (paint color, floor plan, window treatments, nothing coordinates, etc.). Contestants are encouraged to enter photos for one or all rooms in their home (one photo per room).
2. Visit Rooms for Rover from June 15 - 23 to submit your photo ($5 an entry) into the contest.
3. Tell everyone you know to visit the site and vote for your photo ($2 a vote). You can vote as many times as you want—it's a fundraiser!

AND there are prizes!
The winner (with the most votes for his/her challenged room) will receive 3 hours of decorating time with me and an original work of art (based on a picture of your pet or home) by Fifi Flowers. Second prize is a one-hour decorating consultation with me. (Winners who live more than 45 miles outside of Elkridge, MD will receive remote, detailed decorating services, via email and phone.)

(original art by Fifi Flowers)

The time frame
June 15 - 23 - visit this site to submit your picture(s)
June 29 - July 17 - Vote for the most challenged room
July 20 - Winners announced!

3 ways you can participate
1. Enter a room of your own into the contest
2. Share this information with your friends and family
3. Vote for your favorite "challenged" room

Please visit Rooms for Rover tomorrow to begin submitting your photos and good luck! Many thanks for helping the animals.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Tidbits and ideas found in unusual places

I was working out in my worshop when I walked by some old wooden shutters, they gave me the idea to bring them in my home for a "Summer" mantle display.

I also love watching the birds in my yard and was feeling "Tropical". I started gathering items around my house that gave me the feeling of the South Seas.

As I was "shopping" my house I walked through our kitchen and their on the counter was my "focal point" for the design.......a beautiful Pineapple!

I love seeing the reflection of candles in the very old and distorted mirror above the mantle.

As you can see Bird Seed acts as a great stabilizer for Tapered candles. I used clear glass holders so you could see the bird seed. It ties in the bird print.

To add elevation changes I used my Bird books. The Pineapple is resting on a Stemded glass upsidedown.

I know that a mirror over a mantle is a decorating no-no unless of course you can see a masterpiece painted on the ceiling. This mirror is original to our home and is a circle and I didn't want to remove it. I also added an old empty wooden picture frame to help camoflage the mirror. I used fishing line and suspended the bird print from the frame to give the appearance of "floating".

I did remove the freash pineapple after a few days and we thoroughly enjoyed it at dinner. Not only was is wonderful to eat but it was wonderful to see! I have been inspired by many items in my home and enjoy changing, playing, with my mantle.

Inspired by my Silver Tea pot collection:

I also enjoy Accessorising my chandeleir for the season's. Here I added butterflies.

Show us your summer ideas for home.

From my home today to yours~~

My best,
Design By DesAnn of Ohio
The Certified Home Staging Academy

Contest Call For Entries

The Society of Decorating Professionals is announcing the call for entries in Decorating, Redesign, and Staging contest. For more information .

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Prophet of Paint

The other day while heading to an appointment for a color consultation, I was searching for some cool tunes when I stumbled upon a radio talk show with a guest who was a prophet. He was sharing information with callers and I was intrigued...

The first caller was a mom of 2 who was told that she would have 2 additional children in her care for the summer. She was not very happy with that bit of knowledge.

The second caller was a man who seemed to be skeptical about the prophet from the start. He wasn’t very talkative; I assumed that he didn’t want to give the prophet anything to work with.

The prophet began by saying that he was getting a very strong smell of paint. He proceeded to ask the caller if he was an artist, a painter or in the process of painting. The caller answered his questions very cautiously, giving one word responses; mostly, “no”. After one very long pause, the caller stated “No sir; we’re not doing any painting at all. My wife said to me the other day that she wanted to replace the carpet in our bedroom, but that's it”. The prophet and the talk show host burst into hysterical laughter and the prophet said, "If you replace that carpet, you will definitely be painting! The carpet is just the beginning my friend.” Very funny! Once they all composed themselves, the prophet moved onto the next caller and I moved on as well.

My thoughts however turned toward the advances that many paint companies have made by creating Low to No-VOC paints. The next time you plan to paint, do yourself a favor and choose a paint that is healthier for you, your family and the environment. You'll be delighted as you will not have to suffer through the awful odors of yesteryear; toxic gases which are released as the paint dries. Check out Sherwin Williams Harmony Interior Latex – it’s fabulous.

Ladies, if your husbands happen upon a prophet who could foil/spoil your crafty redecorating plans, he won’t be able to smell this paint!

Be Transformed!

Cheryl Cousins
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