Improve Your Home Easily By Using Green Cleaning Methods

green cleaning Kansas CityWhen you think of home improvement projects, particularly for those who are on a budget, you probably don’t think of cleaning. Home improvement projects usually do not conjure up images of cleaning your house, yet doing this is a great way to improve your home. Of course, how you clean your house matters just as much as whether you want to clean in the first place. This is why cleaning green is so important. To help you out, we have written this article that details green cleaning techniques that are healthy and will improve your home.

Most people do not know that it is possible to wash your windows and mirrors without ammonia – but you can! Windex, the most popular glass cleaning company, will not want you to hear this. Ammonia is terrible for your lungs. Even though your windows will look great, the damage that it will do to you really isn’t worth all of that sparkle and shine. To do green cleaning, and have clean windows, you need to know a few things. As a substitute, you can go green using water and lemon juice instead. The mixture you should adhere to is one half gallon of water and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice. It is important to mix vigorously. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and go to town on your windows. It is important to not use paper towels. Increase your environmental friendliness by using a soft cotton rag to wipe the cleanser around and clean it off of the windows. Cleaning your bathroom, while using cleaners filled with chemicals, is a dangerous idea. The ventilation in the bathroom is not the best, so there is no way for the chemicals to get out of room. You should take turns using, as your cleaning solvents, baking soda, vinegar and borax, instead of using chemical-based cleansers. Cleaning your bathroom this way will not put anything harmful into the air to accidentally breathe. You can also cut down on mildew by always running a fan while you bathe and-if you don’t feel too self-conscious about it, leaving the bathroom door open at least a crack to allow the steam to escape. Need to find out a little more related to garage door openers installed navigate to this web page Kansas City MO Garage Door Repair Pros.

Baking soda and vinegar should be your favorite cleansers, along with salt and lemon juice. No matter what it is that you need to have cleaned, these cleansers combined in different ways will get the job done. Salt works for scrubbing. Lemon juice is good on stains, baking soda eats at sludgy things like mildew and grease and vinegar is a better topical wipe than anything you could buy "over the counter" in the cleaning section of the store. A little bit of research will turn up lots of cleaning product recipes using these ingredients that you can use.

A lot of people must not realize how the state of their home and its value can be determined by how clean it is. Switching to cleaning techniques which are environmentally friendly by using green products will make your home’s value increase. To keep your home from falling apart, you should start keeping it clean with environmentally friendly products.

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